Beyond is an exclusive private member's club, providing fully customized programs
in the areas of natural health, longevity and youth.

Our fully customized programs are tailored to each individual's unique element profile and requirements. The services included will upgrade your life, balance your elements and raise your overall energy profile and capacity. The results are measureable whit long-lasting benefits.

Our system has been developed over the last 30-years by a team of international experts,
with the singular goal of identifying and alancing your individual element profile.

This process of balancing your elements will revolutionize your life,
automatically reaching forever healthy and forever young.

Step BEYOND your expectations.

Experience Beyond in


The Beyond Club offers a series of progressive programs that lead members to achieve phenomenal life results, from solving problems and balancing all aspects of life, to promoting an entirely new level of life quality, including: life-long health, rejuvenation of mind and body and increased longevity.

Our fully customized and personalized programs offer each member an exclusive Element
Health Analysis, followed by a range of original Element Balancing treatments to achieve maximum benefits and results.

The in-depth Element Health Analysis reveals each individual’s unique Element profile, identifying elemental strengths and weaknesses, and focuses on the areas of physical,
mental and emotional health.